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Research Is Essential

When deciding whether to invest your time into building an on-line business, it is essential you do the necessary research. Most of the time we don't know where to go or what exactly to Google. I have found considerable research on YouTube. Sometimes I receive more...

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Gaining A New Perspective

Since beginning again with IndefiniteVacation.com, I've been doing a lot of thinking . . .  Yes, this can definitely be a dangerous endeavor . . . as well as time consuming. I believe it is well worth it ! Gaining a new perspective toward life . . . my websites . . ....

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Affiliate Marketing

I truly love affiliate marketing!! What I like best about it is that I just put up ads and/or banners and my visitors either click on them or not. There is really nothing more for me to do. The company sends out everything and I sit back and receive the money from the...

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Do You Make YouTube Videos?

This may seem a strange question. Yet it is important. Actually being involved with Social Media is important . . . but for some reason I've noticed more and more bloggers and affiliate marketers, etc. are turning to YouTube . . . maybe for them vlogging is easier...

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Do You Want To Build Your Own Website?

The thing is, it is truly easy to build your own website. The trick is making it successful. Any key to success does require some learning on your part. I know you can get a website built for you . . . You will then need to get traffic to your website. You will need...

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