I updated this website a few times.

I’ve experimented with stamps and dies. I’ve been thinking of our team July card front swap.

I know that thinking and experimenting and placing orders doesn’t get things done. Well, placing orders gets an order coming to me via the UPS Santa Truck 🙂

But, aside from that I still need to get 12 cards completed for the swap and mailed out this week!!!

Yes, time does fly!!!

I’m still wondering what to do and how much time I want to put into this card.

I believe it is important to do the best job I can on my cards . . . not for the sake of saving time, but to make it something of value others will like and send to a friend.

I know by using stamps and dies, this will be more time consuming and if I work it out correctly, I can do an assembly-line process. This seems acceptable since all the cards are to be the same.

I’m leaning towards the bike set and then again maybe Christmas would be appropriate. I did order a new stamp set, but it won’t get here in time for me to meet my deadline . . . so I need to see what I have and use the best one.

Here are my choices:

  • At Home with the front door that can be decorated for all seasons.
  • Build-a-Bike or Bike Ride which I really like and could make as a cool seasonal card or Just a Note or Thinking of You card.
  • I do love The Tranquil Tulips.
  • There’s the new Carols of Christmas stamp and die set.
  • Oh, the Coffee Break!!! That is a fun set for all the coffee lovers.
  • I do have others, but they are not new to this catalog.
  • And, as I said, I ordered some new ones, but they won’t arrive in time.

This is a good selection . . . I just need to get to it and see which one would work best for this swap. And something I would be proud to contribute. I don’t know about having it represent me in any way . . . but even though we use stamps and dies our personality does seem to shine through,

Sometimes it is difficult to make something unique . . . but it is not impossible, Just so much more challenging.

It’s putting it all together in a 5-1/4 inch by 4 inch card front.

That in itself seems to be a challenge.

I believe simple is sometimes better than getting too involved in multi-layers.

Sometimes we overthink things, too which makes for a bit of a mess when it comes to building a card front.

I am seriously leaning toward the bike ride only because it pretty much speaks for itself without a lot of flair and fanfare. A nice ribbon for the pathway would be quite lovely, I believe. I can use the basket of flowers or not . . . maybe books or put the dog in the basket.  I could have some fun playing around with this.

And the Coffee Break has some promise, too. That would make a nice Thank You card that could be decorated for Christmas — could include a gift card . . . could use the sentiment of sharing coffee with a friend.

Yet, I’m still leaning toward the bike ride . . . and maybe having two of them — it would be more fun to share with a friend . . . 

There is something about the old fashioned look of the bike that I like . . . it could be a birthday card with a sentiment of forever young . . . That would be nice . . . but I do need to check out the “new” sentiments I have to off for this all new swap.

I’m also wondering about the background . . . I need to see about trees or something of interest in the background. I do like trees and making this a nice ride in the park or on some trail . . . Yet, I was thinking of going simple.

Well, this is the thinking process . . . not that I’ve started stamping, cutting or doing through the dies and stamp sets. But I better get to it, otherwise I won’t be participating in this card front swap.

Thanks for stopping by. Your thoughts and comments would be most welcome.